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Meet Hooga

We engage and connect individuals, teams and organizations to their mission and enhance their employee experience.

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Hooga fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion

We understand that employees are looking for deeper meaning that aligns their work with their passions. As leaders, we also know that it’s now nearly impossible to create connection within a virtual workforce.

What if you could effortlessly maintain a deeply engaged team that outperforms because they feel heard, understood, and secure?

Hooga is the only culture building platform that helps employees around the world leverage storytelling to bridge the gap between their personal purpose with that of the company to create connection and fulfillment amongst a virtual workforce.

Join thousands of teams who are building connection and culture through Hooga Hub Story!

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Hooga Mission

Our mission is to drive workplace connection with a simple storytelling sharing tool that focuses on engagement from the inside out.

Designed by two business leaders frustrated with workplace disconnection we combined the ease of technology with the science of storytelling to deliver on this seemingly simple metric.

Hooga empowers our clients to help their team connect on a new level. Through our platform the team can share in the process of building a clear and cohesive Company Story that integrates each of their individualism, uniqueness, and purpose. This process becomes the proverbial glue by providing connection, community, and mutual understanding among teams and enhances company engagement, excitement, and overall productivity.

Our Why



"We started Hooga to help people be the best version of themselves and allow the workplace to thrive and employees to have experiences that allow them to perform at their highest potential. I believe that learning and connecting is personal. In order to retain top talent, we have to meet everyone where they are. I also believe that in order to get shit done we need to be able to offer solutions that amplify our connection, so we work better together."



"In my humble experience, when you dramatically improve the human condition by making work sustainably fulfilling for as many people as possible, you can transform companies at scale. Our goal is to help our clients alter the way their employees interact through more engagement and authentic connection which will positively affect their customers, shareholders, and retention long-term... self-scaling impact!"

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Build A Thriving Company Culture

Give you and your team the platform that will effortlessly maintain a positive company culture and increase employee performance through connection.

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